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Hey friends!

The first ever Let’s Do This! Workshop is coming up on August 28!

The emphasis will be on developing your personal style of photography, something I have struggled with first hand!

With all this inspiration around us from incredibly talented creatives, it’s hard to find a voice that we believe in. How do we find that look that tells everyone – this is my art, my voice. And how do we continue to grow in that and refuse to stay static?

And, why is any of that important?

At this workshop, we will talk about all of this. I will break down the experience of going into a session from beginning to end. From inspiration to shooting and finally to editing, we will dive right in and talk about all of it.

We can only teach what we have learned. Everything we will be talking about is something I’ve struggled with or am currently still trying to overcome.

I am so excited to meet everyone who has signed up and for us all to learn and be inspired by each other.

For more information, click here.

To sign up, click contact and shoot me an email!

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