>>the first ever!<<

Let’s Do This! Workshop || June 22nd

Cost: $250


The first Let’s Do This! Workshop will be held in Boise, Idaho, the evening of August 28.

I’m so excited!

We’ll go over crafting your own signature style, and why I think it’s super important for attracting your dream clients.

During a live portrait session, I’ll go over technical shooting tips as well as how to get your subjects to loosen up and be more natural in front of the camera. We’ll also go over how to get the most out of your location and your time.

After the session, we’ll head back and go over how I edit and deliver photos.


From beginning to end, top to bottom, I’ll be walking you through my process of working with clients. You are going to leave this workshop feeling super inspired and loaded with new ideas to make your business and your creativity shine!

Once you sign up, you’ll be added to a Facebook group where we can all bounce ideas off each other, ask questions, and keep in touch.

So, let’s do this!