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Lately, I’ve realized that pushing myself and finding my voice is really important to me. I’m not hired to do a job that anyone could do. I’m hired to do a job that only I can do. And the only way to feel fulfilled, personally, is to change things up constantly. 

So, here’s my newest favorite thing: tricking myself, and my couples, into thinking I’m done taking photos. And then… forget that I said I was done and keep shooting anyway.

Let’s make sense of that with some examples, shall we?

After Meredith & Erik’s ceremony, we stuck around in the meadow where they got married because it was friggin’ gorgeous. When we were done doing portraits there, I said something like “okay, looks good, let’s head back!”

And then… her dress… oh man.

leanne marshall stella dress

Leanne Marshall makes dresses that are MADE for movement and wind.

Could I have planned this shot? Maybe. But instead, I saw something beautiful and candid happening and captured it.

The way the light is hitting her arms, the way she is walking away… sighhhhh

I’m not a posey, traditional photographer, so I LIVE for moments like this. And when I manage to get them in that split second, it’s a dream.


Example number two is actually when I discovered this neat little trick.

There is always a point during the wedding day when the couple is ready for a break. Or hey, even multiple times. Weddings are exhausting.

So, during Lane & Molly‘s portrait session, I could tell they were getting a little tired of being “on”, so I let them take a break. We found a park bench and they got comfortable.

We talked for a little bit and then I saw what I thought might be something awesome – and here’s where part two of this trick comes in.

This photo is good. They are sitting how they actually want to sit. They don’t care about the camera. It’s good.

seattle wedding workshop

But this? To me… this is magic.

seattle wedding photographerI LOVE this shot of them. It’s not perfect, it’s not posed – it’s real. It makes me wonder what they’re thinking. (Besides “didn’t you say we were taking a break?” hahaha)

So part two is to keep shooting. If you see something awesome happening you have to:
1 – Take a picture of it.
2 – Take more pictures of it. Switch up angles if it’s a stationary subject or stay put if you think they’re going move into just the right spot.


To me, the best photos come from moments when my couples are totally at ease and are being completely themselves. They are the ones that I couldn’t have planned, staged, or predicted.

If you’re looking for a way to introduce more spontaneity into your work, I highly recommend this little trick. I have loved it!

And if you want more posing tips from yours truly, don’t forget to sign up for the first Let’s Do This! Workshop on August 28 in Boise, Idaho!


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